African Animals (T) LTD
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1. Capture and Export
African Animals (T) Ltd. is licensed animal exporter.
Latest techniques and equipment for immobilizing African animals of all kinds are being utilized.
We are the only company in Tanzania officially allowed by Tanzania Wildlife Division to use Immobilization technique and equipment in wildlife capturing and medication.
Our animals are being successfully exported in many countries worldwide Since 1998.
2. Breeding
African Animals (T) Ltd. is offering animals from its breeding programs.

For details and availability please contact us.

3. Housing in Quarantine Facility
Our private, officially registered Quarantine facility is ready to house wide variety of animal species with Tanzanian origin destined for exportation to any country outside Tanzania.
During the Quarantine period animals are provided with medication, testing, veterinary examination and supervision.
Upon completion of the quarantine period all animals are issued a Certificate recognized by the Tanzania Veterinary Authorities.
Pre-importation quarantine housing for pet dogs, cats, birds as well as any other animals destined for importation in Tanzania.
For pricing and conditions please contact us.

4. Transportation
Transportation of any animal species to any country worldwide using scheduled as well as charter flights can be arranged. We work with EMIRATES, SWISS, LUFTHANSA, UKRAINE, KLM, BA, ETHIOPIAN, KENYA, QATAR, MARTINAIR, TURKISH and etc.
We partner with a charter company having broad practical experience in live animals transportation.

5. Export Crates/Cages
Our Company is manufacturing export crates for various wildlife and domestic species.
All crates are made according to IATA regulations for live animals' transportation.

6. Dist-Inject Representative
African Animals (T) Ltd. is official representative of Dist-Inject animals capture equipment and accessories for North, Central, West and East Africa.
We provide guarantee and after guarantee service, as well as specific advices and support in connection with the equipment and the immobilization drugs to be used.
For details, catalogues and price list please contact us.