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# Scientific name Common name Comments
1 Acinonyx Jubatus Cheetah South African origin
2 Aepyceros melampus Impala TZ national quota
3 Alcelaphus buselaphus cokei Kongoni (Hartebeest) SO and T.Hunting
4 Alcelaphus buselaphus lichtensteini Nkonzi (Hartebeest) SO and T.Hunting
5 Aonyx capensis African Clawless Otter TZ national quota
6 Canis adustus Side-Striped Jackal SO and T.Hunting
7 Canis aureus Common (Golden) Jackal SO and T.Hunting
8 Canis mesomelas Black-Backed Jackal SO and T.Hunting
9 Cephalophus monticola Blue Duiker SO and T.Hunting
10 Cephalophus natalensis Natal Duiker SO and T.Hunting
11 Cephalophus spadix Abbott's Duiker SO and T.Hunting
12 Ceratotherium Simum White Rhinoceros South African origin
13 Cercopithecus (n) mitis Gentle Monkeys TZ national quota
14 Cercopithecus aethiops Vervet Monkey TZ national quota
15 Civettictis civeta African Civet TZ national quota
16 Connochaetes tourinus Brindled Gnu (Blue Wildebeest) TZ national quota
17 Connochaetes tourinus albojubatus White-Bearded Gnu TZ national quota
18 Crocuta crocuta Spotted Hyaena TZ national quota
19 Damaliscus lunatus Topi SO and T.Hunting
20 Dendrohyrax arboreus Tree Hyraxes
21 Equus quagga boehmi Common Zebra TZ national quota
22 Erinaceus albiventris Four Toed Hedgehog TZ national quota
23 Felis caracal Caracal
24 Felis serval Serval TZ national quota
25 Felis sylvestris Wild Cat TZ national quota
26 Gazella granti Grant's Gazelle TZ national quota
27 Gazella rufifrons tomsoni Thomson's Gazelle TZ national quota
28 Genetta genetta Common Genet TZ national quota
29 Genetta tigrina Blotched Genet TZ national quota
30 Giraffa Camelopardalis Giraffe South African origin
31 Helogale parvula Dwarf Mongoose TZ national quota
32 Hippopotamus amphibious Hippopotamus SO and T.Hunting
33 Hippotragus equines Roan Antelope SO and T.Hunting
34 Hippotragus niger Sable Antelope SO and T.Hunting
35 Hyaena brunnea Brown Hyaena South African origin
36 Hyaena hyaena Striped Hyaena
37 Hystrix africaeaustralis South African Porcupine TZ national quota
38 Hystrix cristata Crested Porcupine TZ national quota
39 Ichneumia albicada White Tailed Mongoose TZ national quota
40 Ictonyx striatus Zorila SO and T.Hunting
41 Kobus defassa Defassa Waterbuck SO and T.Hunting
42 Kobus ellpsiprymnus Waterbuck SO and T.Hunting
43 Litocranius walleri Gerenuk SO and T.Hunting
44 Lutra maculicollis Spot-necked Otter TZ national quota
45 Lycaon pictus Wild Dog South African origin
46 Madoqua kirkii Kirk's Dikdik TZ national quota
47 Mallivora capensis Ratel (Honey Badger) TZ national quota
48 Mungos mungos Banded Mongoose TZ national quota
49 Neotragus moschatus Suni SO and T.Hunting
50 Oreotragus oreotragus Klipspringer SO and T.Hunting
51 Orycteropus afer Aardvark
52 Oryx beisa Beisa Oryx SO and T.Hunting
53 Otocyon megalotis Bat-Eared Fox
54 Ourebia ourebi Oribi SO and T.Hunting
55 Panthera leo krugeri White Lion South African origin
56 Panthera pardus Leopard South African origin
57 Papio anubis Olive Baboon TZ national quota
58 Papio cynocephalus Yellow Baboon TZ national quota
59 Paraxerus cepapi Smith's Bush Squirrel TZ national quota
60 Paraxerus ochraceus Oche Bush Squirrel TZ national quota
61 Pedetes capensis Spring Hare TZ national quota
62 Phacochoerus africanus Common Warthog SO and T.Hunting
63 Potamochoerus larvatus Bush Pig TZ national quota
64 Procavia johnstoni Rock Hyraxes SO and T.Hunting
65 Raphicerus campestris Steinbuck SO and T.Hunting
66 Raphicerus sharpie Cape Grysbok SO and T.Hunting
67 Redunca arundinum Southern Reedbuck SO and T.Hunting
68 Redunca fulvorufula Mountain Reedbuck SO and T.Hunting
69 Redunca redunca Bohor Reedbuck SO and T.Hunting
70 Rhynchocyon cirnei Elephant shrew SO and T.Hunting
71 Smutsia temminckii Ground pangolin
72 Sylvicapra grimmia Bush Duicker TZ national quota
73 Syncerus caffer African Biffalo SO and T.Hunting
74 Taurotragus oryx Eland SO and T.Hunting
75 Tragelaphus imberbis Lasser Kudu SO and T.Hunting
76 Tragelaphus scriptus Bushbuck SO and T.Hunting
77 Tragelaphus spekei Sitatunga SO and T.Hunting
78 Tragelaphus strepsiceros Greater Kudu SO and T.Hunting
79 Xerus rutilus Unstriped Ground Squirrel TZ national quota

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